NMGCT is actively involved in various social welfare activities encompassing education, livelihood, women empowerment, health, and disaster relief.

Currently, NMGCT is reaching out to approximately 60 socially deprived children through a single center. However, the organization is planning to establish additional centers across slum clusters in Bengaluru to expand its reach. These Free Learning Centers (FLCs) are overseen by two local teachers and supported by five mentors.

The FLCs cater to primary and high school children, most of whom attend government schools. After their regular school hours, these children spend two hours at the FLCs to engage in productive activities, ensuring they stay off the streets. The teachers assist them with their homework assignments and help them achieve the expected academic standards for their respective grades. Regular assignments are given, and the progress of the children is shared with their school teachers and parents.

Apart from academic support, the children are encouraged and coached to participate in quiz competitions, sports, and cultural activities. Counseling sessions on personal hygiene and community health are conducted for both children and their parents. Periodic workshops focus on instilling values, ethics, and social responsibilities. Educational and recreational tours are also organized.

The teachers at the FLCs undergo continuous professional development through monthly workshops, where they receive training on course content, teaching methodologies, and interpersonal skills. Periodic assessments are conducted to monitor and evaluate the progress of the teachers.

NMGCT is dedicated to providing holistic support and opportunities for the children, fostering their overall development and empowering them for a better future.

NMGCT’s key activities include –

      • After-School-Support to Primary and High school children
      • Special coaching to SSLC (X Grade students)
      • Financial support to deserving students at all levels
      • Other Social reach-out programs from NMGCT include


NMGCT started its first Free Learning Centre (FLC) with 20 students in 2019. Currently, NMGCT reached out to more than 1,000 students, Presently we run 1 Center at Kalkere, We are Planning to expand 15 more FLC across Bengaluru in slum clusters areas, They are through life skills, value based education and healthcare related activities. Socially deprived children, their families and the neighbourhood become the focus group of the activities as education has to be imparted holistically. We believe, it is our Bounded duty to educate children for the benefit of the society and country at large. Students are also provided Free Computer Training